Golden Valley

Golden Valley grocery store is one of the healthiest stores around. The store only provides healthy products such as organic fruits, vegetables, non processed meats and healthy/low calorie snacks. While shopping in the store customers can get information and nutrition facts from employees, website and app on products in the store. The brand attributes of this grocery store are healthy, high quality, modern, helpful, efficient, clean, purposeful, authentic.

Golden Valley’s name meaning is that our stores products are “Golden”  fresh, rich and high quality. The color gold is the color of success, luxury and value. It’s bold eye-catching, gold draws attention to itself. Golden Valley values the purity of our non processed foods. Golden Valley has more qualities installed in it’s store. With the Logo it comes with secondary branding. A style of texture in the background with words that compliments the store, values and products.


Secondary Branding


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